Big Bopper Slots

It sounds like a fairground ride, but the Big Bopper was the name given to an American musician who was famous back in the Fifties. Sadly, he died very young in a plane crash. He is celebrated here though, as we review a game based around the Big Bopper and his music.

Reels and paylines

It’s not often you encounter a slot game with six reels in action. That’s how many are present here, and it means you get 729 possible ways to win too.

Coin values in play

Just 30 cents will start the reels spinning here. You can bet more though, with a maximum of $7.50 possible per spin.

Big Bopper special symbols

The Big Bopper is wild and appears on reels two to five. He won’t replace scatter icons, but everything else is fair game.

There is more than one scatter too – five of them are used, in fact. Each one takes the form of a different letter, and when put together, they spell out BOPPER. That’s one of the reasons why there are six reels here.

Are there bonus elements to try and find?

There are three bonuses in this slot, and one will be awarded randomly once you spell BOPPER on the reels in a spin. There is an instant win prize which could be as much as 250x your triggering bet.

If you don’t win that bonus, you’re guaranteed to get some free games. The two versions of this bonus are each focused on one of the Big Bopper’s famous songs. Chantilly Lace and White Lightnin’ are used here, and in each case, you’ll get some multipliers to help you boost your prize amounts as well.

Download and enjoy a game of the Big Bopper slot today!

You don’t need to be a fan of the Big Bopper to enjoy this game. However, it’s nice to turn up the volume and enjoy some Fifties music while you play. The Big Bopper may have left us early, but he sure left behind some amazing music. The game has been nicely designed, and those six reels reveal way more chances to win on every spin.

With two versions of the usual free spins feature, and a chance to play for a bonus prize too, the Big Bopper slot game is a joy. Will you agree with that assessment when you play?