Burnley Fever Slots

Burnley Fever may not mean much to you just yet, but our full game review is going to present the facts about this slot game. If you know something about a certain sports team, you might understand what’s on offer here. If not, well… you soon will.

It’s time to dive in and see what this slot can offer us.

Created by a famous developer

There are lots of big names in the slot game industry. Could there be a bigger one than Realtime Gaming? Maybe not, as RTG is behind lots of top slots including this one.

Get underway with the demo

There is one of those available, of course, as you’d expect from any good RTG game. No real prizes are up for grabs, but everything else looks just like the real version.

A fab theme in action here

If you didn’t know what Burnley Fever was all about, you will now – it’s based on soccer. There are several action scenes of players and the soccer ball on the reels of this game, so there is a lot to check out as you play.

A darker design in action here

The icons fill most of the screen as you play, but while the background is almost non-existent, you’ll still see lots of footballing action over the reels. There is a lot of detail included in icons such as the football scarf, the players, the trophy, and even the football mascot.

What should you expect to see in the Burnley Fever slot?

There are five reels here, but each one has four symbols, making the game area bigger than you might have expected it to be. You’ll be pleased to hear that two progressive jackpots are up for grabs here as well. They both work on random triggers, so any paid spin could potentially result in one of those dropping as well.

The game includes a stacked wild, shown as a football. This carries a 2x booster for every wild prize you manage to find. You’ll only find it on the first and fifth reels though. This substitutes for everything except the football mascot. As you might suppose, the mascot is a scatter symbol.

How many paylines can you play in this game?

Would you believe there are 50 of these? You need to make sure you’re ready to play too, as they have fixed all 50 lines. You cannot deselect any of them.

Start with a bet per line

This does rank as a penny slot, but since there are 50 lines, you’re going to use a 50-cent coin as the cheapest wager. Other bets are available with other coins, reaching the maximum $2.50 coin.

Where is the paytable?

Look for this in the bottom corner of the game. It’s hiding behind a burger symbol on the right side of your screen.

Bonus feature potential in Burnley Fever

Lots of footballing slots use the penalty kick bonus and this one does too. We do love it though!

The game includes a bonus ball as one of the symbols you can find on the reels. You’ll need to find it on every reel to unlock the bonus. The least you can win from the bonus round is 3x your triggering wager, but you could get up to 100x. Look out for a golden bonus ball as well, since you can earn more penalties with this and maybe even 3x more in prizes than you would otherwise have got.

Choose your mode to secure different free spin features

Before you play Burnley Fever, you get to select which mode you want to play in. The first is BURNLEY and the second is LUCKY.

If you choose LUCKY, the free game feature occurs at random, with no real trigger to find to get into it. Eight freebies are granted and prizes are awarded at their normal values.

BURNLEY mode goes for a different free spin round. Three or more triggering scatters award a maximum of 100 free games, so there’s way more potential in this version. We should add all the freebies won get a 3x prize boost too.

RTP info for Burnley Fever

There is no way to find out an exact RTP value for this game. RTG doesn’t usually release this info.

Our rating for the soccer-themed slot game

It helps to like soccer if you’re going to play this one. If you are a fan of the sport, you’re likely to enjoy the game. Based on features and presentation alone, though, it’s hard to give this any less than 9/10.

How high could each of the progressives go?

That’s the thing about progressive jackpots – no one knows! We sure hope someone manages to trigger one of them by playing Burnley Fever. If we hear of someone doing that, we’ll let you know.

Play the demo to try the different game modes

It’s always important to play a demo of something you’ve never seen before. Even more so here, since we’ve got the two game modes to try out.

Play for real, footie fans!

If 50 cents a spin isn’t too rich for you and your gaming budget, Burnley Fever is a top slot to check out if you like soccer.

Play on mobile too

If things weren’t already promising with this slot game, we can finish by confirming that Burnley Fever has a mobile version to try as well. Android, iOS… all are good.