Cash Bandits 3 Slots

One of the best things you can find out in the world of slot games and online casinos is that there’s a new Cash Bandits title to play. We had two games to enjoy and now we have a third. Cash Bandits 3 has landed but was it worth the wait?

We are going to try to answer that question for you here. If you haven’t played yet, you’re in the best place to figure out whether you’ve found a game to add to your favorites.

A third title in a series from the same developer

Of course, we know all the Cash Bandits titles come from the same team. This joins the previous two titles created by RTG (Realtime Gaming).

Demo details for the third in the trilogy

Curious about how the game looks and plays? Load the demo and you’ll get the answers you’re looking for. Play until the famous bonus round drops to see how that works too.

Another game based on the same theme

It wouldn’t be Cash Bandits without it. Bandits, cops, and action around the bank vaults – it’s all here and back for more.

The design gets better still

The original slot still looks superb. The sequel looked better. And we think the third instalment has gone to the next level again. They’ve kept the same cartoon approach, but it looks more polished and appealing.

Reels and more in Cash Bandits 3

Five reels won’t come as a surprise in this game. However, you might be surprised and pleased to see there are two jackpots on top of the reels. One is bigger than the other, but both are progressive.

A wild robber could be useful to you as you play, creating wins where there wouldn’t otherwise have been any. He can also appear in stacks, although this isn’t guaranteed. The logo for the slot is used as the scatter, creating scatter prizes if you get enough of them in view.

A nice amount of paylines

There are 25 of those to bet on as the action progresses.

Place your preferred bets

With RTG at the helm, you can choose from lots of different coins to find the most affordable wager for your requirements and budget.

See all the game symbols inside the paytable

Some are worth more than others, and you can see how the famous bonus works too. All the rules are covered in the table.

So… what about that bonus?

This works as a free spin round, so we’ll cover everything in the next section.

Try the Cash Bandits 3 free spins

Three, four, or even five of the scattered logos get you into the vault room. Six vaults await your attention. The first only needs one digit to open it, while the last needs six digits. You can figure out the ones in between those extremes.

You’ll always receive five free spins with 2x on all prizes. That is the starting point. You’re awarded a series of picks from the keypad in front of you. The more scatters you found, the more picks you get.

The idea is to open as many vaults as you can by guessing the correct codes to open them. If you open them all, you’d receive the maximum of 390 free games along with a multiplier worth 23x. We sure do hope you manage to do that!

No RTP advertised

It’s not unusual to find a lack of RTP info with any Realtime Gaming slot.

Does this deserve a top score?

We think so, yes. How could we not give this game 10/10? It is rare that a slot sequel surpasses the original – rarer still that it’s better than two earlier games in the same series. But this one manages it in style.

What is the biggest multiplier prize on offer?

RTG states that the best outcome from the game would mean someone winning 115,000x their bet. We look forward to hearing about someone who managed to do just that…

Find the practice version first

We did this and played until the vault bonus opened. It gave us a chance to try it to review it here for you. It’s good to settle into the game like this as well.

Play for real with Cash Bandits 3 today

This is an irresistible slot game. It’s one of our top choices among all the RTG games available today. See if you agree. If you do, the real version awaits.

Go mobile on Android or iOS

You don’t need to pull up a chair at your computer to try this game. Check it out at your favorite mobile RTG casino today instead if you wish.