Food Fight Slots

Have you ever been involved in a food fight? We haven’t but we have seen videos of people who have. This game is based on that very theme – something we haven’t seen put to this use anywhere else online. It’s a fun game, as you would expect, but does it deliver on the promise of some prizes?

It comes from RTG, and while some of their earlier titles look very similar to each other, this one stands out as something more unusual. Let’s find out more.

Reels and paylines

Whenever you see a game with five reels, you tend to expect 20 or more paylines. However, there are just nine of them in action here.

Coin values in play

If you want to play a cent on each of those nine lines, you can do so. Other coin values are here too, ranging up to a dollar each. You also get the opportunity to play up to five coins on every line.

Food Fight special symbols

Now comes the fun part! There isn’t a wild in the game, which is unfortunate, but we do get a scatter to look for. Since the game is about a food fight, you’d expect it to be food-related. It is, since it appears as the parts of an ice cream cone. This means there are three different parts of the ice cream, and therefore three separate scatters. You must find a cone, the ice cream part itself, and the topping to finish it off to win a scatter prize.

Are there bonus elements to try and find?

There is a bonus feature, but the scatter doesn’t trigger it. Instead, you must find the separate parts that make a pie. This means you need to locate a pie dish, the actual pie itself, and a cherry to finish it off.

Once your pie is complete, you will choose someone to throw it at. This is a food fight, after all! Get a direct hit and you get to throw again. This carries on until you miss someone with a pie. There is a chance to win as many as 3,960 credits for your throwing skills here.

Download and enjoy a game of the Food Fight slot today!

This is one cool game and it uses a theme that is unusual, too. Will it be a winning game for you? How accurate is your pie throwing?!