Fruit Frenzy Slots

Fruit Frenzy Slots
You’d expect to find a lot of fruit in a slot game bearing that title, wouldn’t you? You will, too, but not looking quite the same as you’d expect them to. You’ll see all the usual ones that appear in lots of online slot games, but here they’ve all got faces. It’s a quirky theme, and while it might be disconcerting to realize the fruits are watching you, that’s only the start…

Reels and paylines

If you were thinking this would be a three-reel game, think again. We’ve got five reels here, and those give you 25 lines to get betting on.

Coin values in play

There are lots of coins in action here, going from the usual cent all the way to five dollars each. You then need to multiply your chosen coin by 25 to reach the total bet on each spin.

Fruit Frenzy special symbols

You’ll see a pineapple appearing in some of the spins you make. This is useful because it is used as the substitute symbol. It will stand in for many other symbols, but not for the two scatters. Yes, there are two – one says FRUIT and the other says FRENZY. Makes sense, given the title! They don’t trigger bonus features, but they do award scatter prizes.

It’s also worth noting the wild is the key to getting the game’s biggest prize. This payout is worth 10,000 coins… but you’ll need to find five wilds on a paid payline to get this to come your way.

Are there bonus elements to try and find?

The game does include a bonus. You need to secure a five-icon win on a paid line to unlock the Daredevil bonus. When this happens, you’ll be given three strawberries. Your task is to send the strawberry through the center of a rockmelon. Unusual bonus, isn’t it?!

You get some free games every time you score a hit. The more direct hits you get, the more free spins you will win. Once your three attempts are over, you’ll play your spins. These will have a 2x multiplier on most prizes. However, scatter prizes are given a 3x multiplier compared with the base game wins.

Download and enjoy a game of the Fruit Frenzy slot today!

Fruit Frenzy is a delight to play and provides an unusual twist on the standard fruit theme. Will it be a twist you’ll love?