IRIS 3000 Slots

Hmm, so this doesn’t sound like your average pokie, does it? It’s not, but the title reveals little of what is to come. We rather like pokies that keep the theme under wraps until you see the game screen, though.

This is one of the most unusual games we have ever reviewed, but IRIS 3000 is still promising. You may also see it referred to as I.R.I.S. 3000, but whichever way it is presented, it refers to the same pokie we are going to review here.

Developer information for you to know

The game is one of the most unusual ones ever to be released by Realtime Gaming. They’ve been successful developing many other quirky games before, so perhaps that holds true here as well.

You should attempt the demo first

We think it is even more important to do that here, because the game is different to anything else you might have tried.

An odd theme?

Possibly, yes… it could be a space theme, it might be a machine-style theme, it could have elements of a futuristic theme too. You decide!

It also has a complex design

This one is unusual for sure, as the design reveals. The whole thing looks a little steampunk, with aged reels and all the controls appearing as they would in a piece of complex machinery. It all looks good though, giving you something you’ve never seen before.

Getting down to the basics of playing IRIS 3000

There are seven reels in this one – yes, seven. Each of them shows just one symbol too, so it is an odd game to get started with.

This also means there are no wild or scatter symbols anywhere. The highest-paying symbol is the one with the yellow hazard warning label on it. This is the jackpot icon. There is a progressive prize involved in this game though, shown in dot matrix symbols underneath the reels.

The idea is to choose five of the reels before each spin. The reels are referred to as doors in this pokie, so you must pick five from seven to see which symbols appear on them. The more matching symbols you find on your selected reels, the better the prize would be.

How many paylines are there?

Just one, but even this doesn’t work quite as you might expect it to. Confused yet? Relax – we’ll try and explain more about how the pokie works as we run through the rest of our review.

Just one bet amount is available

This is worth 50 cents, and you can choose to play one, two, or three coins on each go.

The paytable sits above the reels

This has more in common with a three-reel slot, as you can see here. The pokie reveals all the possible icons that could appear during play, giving you access to the potential prizes to look at throughout the game.

Is there a bonus involved?

No, nothing of the sort is provided.

What about some free spins?

No – as you may by now have guessed, IRIS 3000 doesn’t include this type of bonus either.

RTP for IRIS 3000

RTG doesn’t habitually release the return to player details, so we have yet to determine the percentage for this game.

Our rating for this unusual pokie

This is a more expensive pokie to play, given the 50-cent coin value in play. Additionally, there are no special features involved. The seven-reel format is unusual, sure, and choosing five out of seven reels for each spin is odd too.

While this does give the game a quirky feel, it doesn’t last long. This isn’t a pokie we could comfortably play for a long time. That said, we think the unusual nature gives it a 6.5/10 score. It’s interesting that RTG hasn’t replicated this format in other games though.

How big is the biggest prize?

Nowhere near as big as you might think, especially with that 50-cent coin value in play. If you play one, two, or three coins and receive five hazard signs behind your chosen doors, you will get 300, 600, or 1,000 coins, respectively. That’s not a huge amount.

Play the demo to get a better idea of how IRIS 3000 works

It can take a while to get the hang of this one. With a higher minimum bet of at least 50 cents per spin, trying the practice option at no charge is the best move to protect your budget.

Would you play for real?

This is a pokie you’re likely to either love for its quirkiness and unusual format or hate for the same reasons. Which side of the fence would you fall on for this one?

Mobile platforms

Most RTG casinos have a good mobile site to visit too. If that’s the case and you would like to play IRIS 3000 to see what you think, there is no reason why you cannot play on Apple or Android devices instead of on a computer.