Masks of Atlantis Slots

Spin Logic has done it once again and brought out an excellent video slot. This one is called Masks of Atlantis Slots, and has got a mysterious, underwater theme. With this one, you can delve deep into the depth of the ocean and uncover the lost treasure of Atlantis. Do you dare? I know underwater themes can be pretty scary, but this one couldn't be further away from that statement. It is designed beautifully, which doesn't come as a surprise considering it has been created by Spin Logic, and if you know anything, then you know how brilliant they are as software developers. You can expect some jaw dropping graphics, as well as features beyond your wildest dreams. So does that sound good to you? Then check it out today and see what you make of it, I don't think you're not going to be impressed.

General Information on the slot

Let's get down to basics with the must know facts about the Masks of Atlantis Slots. We've already mentioned their software providers, which are Spin Logic. There are 5 reels and 20 paylines to enjoy using, which is a nice amount if I'm being honest. There is a maximum cash jackpot of $2,500.00, which no one can say no to, I mean, why would they? That's epic! The betting range begins from as little as $0.2 and has the ability to reach as high as $20. The coin betting range also starts from 0.01, and goes all the way up to 1.0. There is 1 coin per line, and 20 maximum coins in total. The Masks of Atlantis Slots has received a medium volatility rate, which I'm happy with as a reviewer.

Symbols, Theme and Features

As you may expect from the look of the game, it is based underwater. So we have got an ocean theme, mixed in with a bit of mythology. You're going to see sea creatures, coral reefs and what's left of the mythical city of Atlantis. The highest paying symbol found here is the golden mask, so stay on the lookout for it!

For features, you're going to find the seaquake cascading wins. If you happen to land a winning combination, the symbols temporarily vanish and the feature comes into effect. It's a super exciting feature, so be sure to give it a try if you test out the Masks of Atlantis Slots.


So there we have it, Masks of Atlantis Slots as a whole. Give a play today and see what you can accomplish. You're not going to regret your decision, don't worry!