Monster Spins Slots

Monsters have got a bit of a bad wrap for being scary creatures, but in this slot it couldn't be further from the truth. This slot is called Monster Spins Slots, and has been introduced to us by Real Time Gaming. They are world famous software providers, which are famous for their awesome graphics, epic gameplay and original features. They also go by RTG for short. I love this slot, I think it's truly original and has got a lot to offer us. If you're interested in finding out everything that there is to know about the game, then carry on reading my review as I'm going to be discussing every last detail for you.

General Information on the Monster Spins Slots

This wonderful slot game came out back in September of 2022, so is still pretty new to be honest. As I mentioned before, it has been developed by RTG, who are very famous software providers. You're going to find 5 reels and 20 paylines in the slot, which are really good figures. The betting limits start from 0.20, and can range from as high as 100. These figures are great, especially if you're on somewhat of a budget. The maximum amount that you're allowed to payout here is 50,000x, which is again, another pretty epic figure if you ask me. The volatility of the game has been described as above average.

Sweet Symbols and Features in the Monster Spins Slots

When it comes to the symbols in the Monster Spins Slots, keep an eye out for the card playing symbols which come in purple. As for the monster symbols, these are in red, green, orange, and blue. They even come accompanied by specials, which is a pretty cool feature. As for other features, make sure you're attentive to the wild, because it can morph other symbols resulting in even bigger wins. The wild is portrayed as a monster. There is also a bonus symbol and it looks like a blue ghost. 3 or more of these will activate the jackpot bonus feature, so make sure you grab them when they're there so that you don't miss out on this feature.


See, monsters aren't always scary! I hope my review has given you a fresh outlook on them and convinced you to give the slot a go. I truly think that the Monster Spins Slots is an awesome slot to play if you're looking for one of a kind features and symbols. Give it a chance today and see what doors will open, you're not going to regret it!