Outta This World Slots

The phrase 'out of this world' is used to refer to something amazing. Better than anything you could find on this earth. It can also be used to refer to aliens and outer space, so can we figure out what the theme is from the pokie game title Outta This World?

We're going to do just that and plenty more in this review, so if you've heard of this game but you're unfamiliar with it, hang tight. We've got everything you need to know about it right here.

Developer details for this pokie

If you've heard of RTG, we bet you're curious to learn more about this game, as they were the ones who created it.

Demo opportunities

You should try the practice version of the game first, as it plays out just as the real thing would. There are a few cool elements you can experience as you play, and we're going to cover those here too.

Does the theme match the title?

It does, with an alien appearing during play. The background of the game is set in space too, so that's no surprise. You really will be out of this world when you play this pokie.

A space-themed design

We've highlighted the background already, and that theme inspires many of the symbols you'll see during play too. While there is a standard crop of letters and numbers used for the cheaper symbols, they all look like they're in space - planets, perhaps?

We also get a spaceship and the alien himself appearing. He's green, but he looks quite friendly.

The basics of Outta This World

Five reels appear on your screen when you access this game. RTG does like to add a random progressive jackpot to many of its slot games, and you get one of those here, too.

The alien we mentioned above plays the role of the wild. He shows up on the first, third, and fifth reels. He also expands if doing so would trigger another prize you'd otherwise miss out on, so he is a useful and friendly guy to find.

The scatter is a little strange, presenting as a pink hole. Hmm, black holes we know about, but pink ones? Well, this is a slot where anything goes, so you can expect to find that hole showing up anywhere during this pokie.

Paylines in Outta This World

There are 20 lines here, so you get a reasonable amount to look at.

Choosing the best bet for you

Make sure you have a budget organized and ready to go before you play. Outta This World pokie action can be enjoyed from just one penny per line, so it's an affordable game to try. The biggest line wager tops out at $5.

Can you look at a paytable before you play?

You can and you should, too. The game isn't too complex, but you can figure out the features and what to look for if you read through the paytable before you start.

Is there a bonzer bonus to unlock?

Yes and no… because the bonus feature can lead to free spins, so we'll cover it in the section below.

How many free spins could be won?

Who knows? You must find a pink hole on the second and fourth reels first. Once you've done that, you'll be shown a series of planets. Each planet reveals something… and you'd better hope it isn't an alien. They're not friendly in this round, because revealing one would end it and take you back to the base game.

However, there are two other possibilities. Some of the planets reveal cash prizes, while others reveal free games. Each planet that hides games would give you five of them, so you could secure more than five if you picked two planets that each hid five spins.

Once an alien appears, the feature ends. You then get your cash prizes and play through however many spins you found.

The RTP remains unknown

This won't be a shock as RTG is known for keeping this stat under wraps. Some sites do give an estimated value, which appears to be around the 96% mark.

Our rating - is this game Outta This World?

It's certainly a great example of how good some of the older RTG pokies are. It's easy to forget about them when there are so many new games to check out. But if you want something solid and easy to enjoy and play, this could be the one. It's worthy of 7/10 for certain.

How many random jackpot winners have there been?

The jackpot does occasionally drop, but no one can tell how this happens. A unique set of symbols must appear in precise fashion on the reels to trigger it. The paytable's highest prize is worth 7,500 coins too, so there are two jackpots you could go for as you play.

Play for fun at a good RTG casino

Many of the casinos running on RTG software allow players to check out the demo games without signing up for an account. So, you could easily try this pokie before joining a casino that offers it.

Play the real thing if you become a member

Only members of an RTG casino offering this game would be able to play it for real. It doesn't take long to sign up though, and there are a few great Aussie casinos that have the game ready for you to check out.

Mobile space adventures are also possible

Head into space whenever you wish with your iOS or Android device. Make sure you get the most out of this game whenever you're in the mood to meet the leader…