PayDirt! Slots

This is a possibility, but just how good is the Paydirt pokie and can you easily find it at your favorite online casinos?

We're going to focus on all those elements and plenty more besides. Paydirt is a cool game to check out, and as you'll see, the theme may not be quite what you are expecting. Is that a good or bad thing? Let's find out.

Who is behind the Paydirt pokie game?

There are plenty of games based around similar themes, but this one comes to us from Realtime Gaming.

We recommend the practice version

The only difference between this and the real thing is that no cash bets are required to play it. That means no prize chances either, but you can get to spin the reels to see if the game appeals to you.

Can you figure out what the theme is?

Is it just a theme based on hitting Paydirt, as the title suggests? To an extent… but the theme is focused on mining. If you get lucky in the mine and find some gold, then yes, you might say you've struck paydirt.

Take advantage of an amusing design

There is a cute dog, a box of dynamite, a lantern, a cart filled with gold nuggets, and even a bandit - presumably keen on snatching those nuggets for himself rather than working to find them.

It's a light-hearted take on a familiar theme, and that makes it a nice one to check out if you've got the time.

Figuring out how to play Paydirt

Five reels come into view when the game loads and is ready for you. As is common among the RTG pokie collection, a random jackpot appears above the reels and is available to be won by any paying player.

Look out for gold nuggets as you play; these are wild symbols and come with a decent multiplier worth 3x as well. They don't appear everywhere though, restricting themselves to the second and fourth reels during the action.

The wild replaces most symbols except for the sign bearing the title of the game. You may well guess this is the scatter icon.

A popular payline quantity

We've seen plenty of pokies with 25 lines, and we've got another one here to add to that collection.

How many coins can you place on the reels?

One spin takes one coin per line. That coin could be worth from a penny to 25 cents, so this is a low-budget game that should appeal to lots of players.

Find the help option to go through to the paytable

Once you select the help option, another menu appears, and you get another help option there too. Hit that to see all the rules surrounding the game.

Are there bonuses included in Paydirt?

There are three special features involved in the game, but none involve moving onto another screen.

Three ways to get some free spins

Finding three of those Paydirt signs is a good move, because you'll be asked to choose one sign to see what happens next. Here are the possibilities:

• Gold Fever - free games offering the third reel as a wild reel throughout • Gold Rush - free games with additional wild nuggets throughout • Strike it Lucky - choose a gold mine and unearth a wild. Use it during the free games that follow.

Retriggers are possible for all those versions of the freebie round.

The RTP is unknown

This is quite usual to say about a game from this developer. They don't worry about releasing this information, although we know many of their titles come in at 95% RTP or higher.

Does Paydirt receive a solid rating from our team?

Having played the game, we love the fact there are three free spin versions to look for as you play. You never know which one is going to be triggered, but it means you do stand the chance of trying something different. It would be unfair to rank this any lower than eight out of 10.

What is the most that could be won?

According to the paytable, 50,000x your wager on each line is the best you could get out of this game. That said, if the progressive jackpot were triggered when it reached a decent amount, that could be better.

The demo version is an exciting prospect

It is, and if you have gone through your budget already and you still want something cool to play, you could certainly find some entertainment in this pokie.

You can play for real whenever you like

Whenever your budget refills, for example. This is a low-budget game that should be good for many players to enjoy when they fancy a mining-themed pokie to play. There is plenty to appreciate here, even though it has been around for a while already.

Most mobile casinos have a version of this too

Don't worry about playing on a smartphone or a tablet - it's simple enough once you get the hang of it. Android and iOS devices are among those that make it possible to play Paydirt pokies anywhere you fancy doing so. That sounds good to us.