Warlock's Spell Slots

The mention of a warlock tells us just what to expect in this game. Does that mean there are no surprises to look forward to? No… in fact, you might be surprised at how entertaining and magical the title is.

If you are looking for a pokie that is well built, reliable to play, and provides a good experience, our game review is going to reveal whether Warlock’s Spell is the pokie for you.

Information about the pokie developer

This is one of many titles released by RTG. Their full name is Realtime Gaming, but they are often reduced to their initials.

You can try a demo version of Warlock’s Spell if you like

How can you tell whether a game is ideal for you unless you try it? Yet most players wouldn’t want to risk their budget on something unknown. Fortunately, in this case, you won’t need to do that. Load the demo and try that for size first.

Is the theme as magical as it sounds?

We think so, and the design works hand in hand with it to make sure you get the most out of it. Warlocks are good at magic, so perhaps that will help you maximize your time spent playing this game too.

A dark and foreboding design…

Are we in a castle? It looks as if we might be – home to the warlock, perhaps. The pinkish words and sparkles around them add to the magical feel, but the reels take center stage and take up most of the screen, so you won’t miss any of the action.

What can you expect to find on the reels of this pokie?

Five reels are shown when the game is ready for you to play. While we do get the standard mix of numbers and letters, they are all surrounded by twinkling stars. Elsewhere, we see crystal balls, black cats, and spell books. There is also a random jackpot in the game.

A wild warlock makes good sense in this theme, and that is the substitute for the game. He appears on reels three through five, but not on the first two. That said, a witch also appears during the games. She is also wild, appearing on the first three reels. That means both wilds could potentially show up on reel three in the same spin.

We guess both those characters might have use of a spell book, so it makes sense that book has been selected to act as a scatter. The wilds don’t substitute for this, although everything else is fine to be replaced by them.

A good array of lines are included

Yes, 20 of them are available to bet on in Warlock’s Spell pokies.

There are several coins to use when making your bets, too

Starting at one penny per line, you can go up to reach five dollars per line at most.

The pokie also has a paytable

This should be your first stop, as it shows all the symbols, how much you could receive if you found enough of them on a line, and what all the special icons look like.

No magical bonuses are included

That’s a shame, but there is a special feature that plays ahead of the free games.

How to access the free spins

Warlock’s Spell requires you to find at least three spell books to unlock this feature. You cannot tell how many spins you’ve won until you have tried to create a magical potion.

Mix something up and see what the outcome is. The best you can hope for is a massive 100 free spins, so choose wisely.

The return to player value is uncertain

RTG doesn’t usually release this value, so we can guess at an approximate 95% value, as many of their games come out at around this level.

Our rating for the Warlock’s Spell online pokie

It’s a good one, especially with two wilds in play. The free games are good too thanks to the potion-mixing challenge you play beforehand. We wouldn’t rate this any less than 7.5/10.

Random jackpot winning chances

There are long odds on this, of course, but it’s nice to see the game does have a progressive prize available. A percentage of each real wager goes into the current pot, and whoever manages to hit the unknown combination of symbols to trigger it will receive the current total.

Fancy trying the demo?

This captivating pokie has a lot to recommend it. The best way to get started is to try a few spins of the practice game. You’ve got nothing to lose on this, and it gives you a chance to see if it contains enough appeal to let you part with some of your budget to play it.

Most RTG casinos have the game to play for real

If the game is there in the collection of available pokies, you can be sure that real play is available too.

Go mobile for some magic today

You don’t need to be anywhere near a computer to get the most out of this game. Just having a tablet or smartphone is fine. Tap your way to an Aussie-focused online casino where pokies like this one are available for Android and iOS.