Bubble Bubble 2 Slots

We sure hope not. You might recall the first Bubble Bubble slot game from Real Time Gaming, and if you do, you'll remember it was a major success. So, we have high hopes the sequel will reach those same dizzy heights. It's not going to be toil or trouble to play, but will it be a magical game to try out?

Reels and paylines

Lots of five-reel slots have from 20 to 25 lines to play on. However, with this one we get a huge 50 lines instead.

Coin values in play

With the lines here fixed, you only need to figure out how much to play per spin. It might be 50 cents a go, but you could choose from other values worth up to $250 a time.

Bubble Bubble 2 special symbols

Remember Winni from the original game? She's a wild here, as is another witch called Wanda. They show up on the first and fifth game reels. They both expand to complete the reel whenever they appear, while also applying a 3x multiplier to anything they help you win. They will even replace the scatter, which is shown as a magic wand. They're useful, aren't they?

But even that isn't all. If you manage to win a prize that features both of the wild witches, their multipliers will be multiplied together to award 9x the usual prize amount!

Are there bonus elements to try and find?

We do love those wild witches, but there are no fewer than three special bonuses to try and win as well. Greater Ghosts triggers 20 free games and a maximum of nine wild ghosts.

You'll only get nine free games in the Wilder Witches bonus feature, but you might just be able to win more - up to 33 more. Wanda and Winni still appear here, but the difference is they could turn other reels wild as well.

Finally, Ultra Bewitched gives you seven free spins. Each of these is guaranteed to have at least one expanding wild in play. Wouldn't you just love to trigger all those bonuses?

Download and enjoy a game of the Bubble Bubble 2 slot today!

The original game was hard to beat, but we really think RTG has managed to do it. Bubble Bubble 2 is a firm favorite of ours - will you think the same when you try it?