Bunko Bonanza Slots

Bunko Bonanza sure is a cool title, but what does it mean? It’s intriguing enough to make you want to play, isn’t it? Maybe you’ll figure out what lies in store for you here, or perhaps you’ll need to load the game to find out more. Either way, this RealTime Gaming slot has some great elements to offer, and that alone makes it worth a try.

Reels and paylines

If you look at some of the slots in the RTG collection, you’ll see five reels and 20 lines put to good use in a fair few of them. This one is just the same.

Coin values in play

The game provides ample coins to choose from to find the best ones for your overall bet amount. You get to choose a lowly cent as the cheapest one, or up to $5 as the most expensive.

Bunko Bonanza special symbols

We don’t find desktop bells in too many slots, but this one features just that as the wild. It replaces most of the other game symbols here, with just one exception. This is the scatter, and it shows up as bunko dice. Yes, Bunko Bonanza refers to dice games. The dice appear on the three odd-numbered reels.

Are there bonus elements to try and find?

If you find those dice on reels one, three, and five simultaneously, you’ll win 21 free spins. The values shown on the dice that launched these spins will show you the multiplier for the spins, too. You’re guaranteed at least a 2x multiplier, but it could go higher to 6x if you’re lucky.

The desktop bells also have a role to play in these freebies. If you find one or more helping you to win a prize, a second multiplier can come into play. How would you like a massive 12x your usual win to enjoy?

Download and enjoy a game of the Bunko Bonanza slot today!

Some people avoid the older slot games in favor of the new ones. However, we think this one is great, and it provides a nice contrast to the usual modern slots you might try. It may not equal the other slots you play, but it provides ample reasons to see how lucky those bunko dice could be for you. With a chance to win bigger multipliers and to find lots of free spins to play, are you ready for a Bunko Bonanza?