Crystal Waters Slots

Some slot game titles are a real giveaway when it comes to guessing the theme. If you are expecting some water in this one, you won’t be let down. Crystal Waters is a sparkling slot from Real Time Gaming, and that alone should be enough to inspire you to try it out. We did, and we liked it! Watch out for yachts, blue skies, and other delights.

Reels and paylines

Lots of RTG titles boast five reels and 20 lines, and we can add this one to the list too.

Coin values in play

The game features a familiar selection of coins as well as reels and lines. You can go with the one-cent minimum or eke things out to reach the five-dollar maximum.

Crystal Waters special symbols

A dolphin makes an appearance as the wild, but it doesn’t appear everywhere. It can only show up on reels two and four. However, if it does contribute to a line prize, the relevant prize will double in value.

We mentioned a yacht earlier, and it turns out to be the scatter symbol used in the Crystal Waters slot. Will it sail into place to trigger a nice scatter win for you? Play and find out.

Are there bonus elements to try and find?

Scatters are often used to trigger some free games. Here, you need three yachts to achieve this, and once you’re there, you will spot an additional symbol popping up in those spins.

It’s a fish – very appropriate for this theme – and it can appear on just one reel, the third one. When it does, it displays a multiplier worth from x2 to x8. If it shows up when you win something, the prize will be boosted by the number displayed on that lucky fish.

Download and enjoy a game of the Crystal Waters slot today!

Crystal Waters seems to be a regular slot game at first glance. The nice calming color scheme is great to see, and you can also check out the bonus fish that can help you through those free games. It has some unusual elements involved that lift it beyond the formulaic, and that is a great thing to see.

If you like a watery look to your slots, the Crystal Waters slot game is certainly one to try. Will it be a lucky one for you as well?