Field of Green 2 Slots

Do you remember playing the original Field of Green 2 slot game? We have a review of the sequel slot game here for you, and it is very much the same as the original. That’s not a bad thing though, as you’ll see here. Real Time Gaming has taken all the successful elements from the first game and put together another winner in the sequel. Let’s see what it can bring us.

Reels and paylines

RTG has used a traditional format in providing five reels on which you’ll see 20 lines to bet on.

Coin values in play

You’ll have the usual suspects to choose from in terms of coins. These go from one cent apiece up to a five-dollar maximum on each line.

Field of Green 2 special symbols

Everyone wants to find a wild symbol when playing an online slot game. The good news is you’ve got one here as well, so it can contribute to some nice prizes for you.

You might also be lucky to find a scatter on the reels. This means you can win a scatter prize if you secure the right number of them, no matter where they land. It does make sense to play every line though, even if doing so means you bet a smaller coin amount on each one. It gives you the best winning chances.

Are there bonus elements to try and find?

Field of Green 2 has gone for the most familiar and arguably best-loved type of bonus here. You might find yourself on the receiving end of some free spins if you manage to find the trigger for them in a single spin. This means you’ll spin the reels several times without paying to do so… and yet the prizes won in those spins will be as real as the others.

Download and enjoy a game of the Field of Green 2 slot today!

There are plenty of great sporting-themed slot games online. American football is loved by many people, which makes it a good topic for a slot. Since the original game was such a success, it was only a matter of time before RTG decided to go all out and deliver a sequel. We like the effort they’ve put in, and we think you will as well. How far will you go to win some prizes here?