Honey to the Bee Slots

Honey to the Bee is a cool title, and if it does one thing it tells you what the central characters are – bees, of course!

Is this a sweet pokie to check out? We think so, and we’ve got the experience to say that. Having tried it, we’re going to review it for you here. If you want to know more about Honey to the Bee slots and to see if they might appeal to you, get ready. We’ve got the facts you need to know.

Which software developer created the game?

This is yet another title we can attribute to Realtime Gaming. Often, they’re known just by the letters RTG.

Don’t forget there is a demo version available

If you are curious to know what this game is all about, don’t risk your budget on it. Instead, load the demo and try it from there.

A quirky theme in action here

Yep, we’ve seen one or two other pokies based around bees, but this might be our favorite. It’s entertaining, with a quirky appearance given to the starring bee. You’ll also see a hive and an outdoor scene going on behind the reels.

You’ll ‘bee’ impressed with the design

We were, anyway. The honeycomb detailing around the reels is great, and it can be seen behind the low-valued icons too. The controls are below the reels and the balance, bet, and prize amounts are above them. The design fits nicely with the format of the game.

Finding out how to play the Honey to the Bee pokie game

You’re met with five reels in that nice and tasty honeycomb design when you load the game. You’ll also spot the random jackpot box just above the reels where it can clearly be seen. How high might that go, do you think?

You’re probably familiar with worker bees. There’s just one in this game, but since it is a wild, it’s a good bee to find. The hive is the only icon that can’t be substituted by this bee.

There are two things you should know about the bee, though. He carries a 2x multiplier to apply to any prizes he forms part of during play. He also triggers the 5,000-coin top prize if you manage to find five on a paid line during the game.

Paylines in action

You’re going to be buzzy (get it?) playing on 20 lines if you cover them all.

Choose your wager carefully

You’ve got plenty of coins to choose from, ranging from a penny up to five dollars per line. You can wager any of those coins and be in with a chance of the progressive prize too, which is good to know.

It boasts a good paytable too

Yes, it does, and you’ll appreciate getting the chance to review it before you play. It highlights all the symbols and their values, along with info about the special portions of the game.

No bonus is provided

It’s sad to say, but the game hasn’t given us a bonus to look forward to.

Free spins do make an appearance though… if you can unlock them

The game offers you a chance to secure 15 free games… and you don’t do it in the manner you might suppose, either.

If you were expecting to be asked to locate three scattered hives on the reels, you’re wrong. You need just one hive to appear on the fifth reel in the same spin as a worker bee anywhere else.

If you can find that combo, you’ll receive the games along with a 2x multiplier for the duration. You can trigger another set of games in the same way, too. No guarantee, of course, but it would be cool if you could.

No known RTP

The game comes from RTG as we know, so it’s not surprising to learn that there is no firm RTP value for the game, as none has been released.

Is this one of our favorite pokies?

It is… especially if we compare a few of the older RTG slots with each other. The game is light-hearted and provides plenty of entertainment, even though there is nothing too complicated to get to grips with. It’s certainly an eight out of 10 title, which is a good score for a game with no special bonuses involved.

How much could be won from that progressive jackpot?

Hard to tell because no one knows the trigger that unleashes it. However, if you did manage to scoop that prize, you could reasonably expect to score a few thousand dollars. Maybe more – it depends how long it has been since it last dropped.

Start off with the demonstration version

The bees will greet you if you check out the demo game. Everything is identical to the real version, but it gives you an opportunity to check it out without risk.

Play for real at your preferred Realtime Gaming casino today

There are plenty of Aussie-focused casinos offering the full suite of RTG pokies to try. If you fancy trying this alongside many others, you can find the real thing at your preferred casino today.

Mobile bees are available too!

Yes, those worker bees get everywhere, and they’ll be found in the mobile version of the game too. It plays out on a smaller screen, of course, but that’s no worry – you’ll use touchscreen controls rather than the usual ones that require a mouse.