Cherry Red Slots

Cherries must surely be the most familiar and most often used icons in the world of slot games – both on and offline. So, it’s certainly not a stretch to assume this game features those very fruits.

Cherry Red is a Microgaming title, and while they have produced lots of complex and entertaining five-reel slots over the years, they’re also well-known for their excellent three-reel games. Will this one be a good entry into their collection?

Reels and paylines

This game features just three reels and goes for a single payline, too.

Coin values in play

The lowest coin denomination is 25 cents, so this is far from being a penny slot. There are higher values here too, going as high as $50. Click on ‘bet one’ to activate the first coin prize opportunities or bet max to activate the second coin prize options. You’ll see these in the paytable next to the reels.

Cherry Red special symbols

This game is a basic one, based on the traditional slot machine that keeps things nice and simple. While the cherries are usually the lowest-valued icons triggering prizes, it’s the exact opposite here. Three cherries will secure you the jackpot for the game. This is quite low compared to other slots, offering either 800 coins for a one-coin bet or 1,600 coins for a two-coin bet.

However, you can win prizes if you get just one bell on the payline. Any two will also win, as will a complete payline. We should mention those cherries are good for more than just the jackpot though. They are also used as wild cherries. That means just one appearing in a winning combination will double its value. Two will score 4x the usual prize too, so they can be helpful!

Are there bonus elements to try and find?

There are no bonus elements here – no free games to find and nothing happening on a second screen. It’s all about those cherries.

Download and enjoy a game of the Cherry Red slot today!

The Cherry Red slot takes the most commonly-used symbol around and turns it into the main attraction. If you like the sound of that, give this game a try today. You never know which prizes you might uncover if you decide to do that. Could you end up getting close to that jackpot amount if you get lucky?