Eternal Love Slots

It sounds very romantic, but we might spoil that idea if we tell you this game is based on vampires. Ah yes, that is where the eternal part of the title comes in! There are plenty of slots around that use horror themes, and RTG has perhaps been inspired by the Twilight movies for this one. Let's find out whether this slot has some bite!

Reels and paylines

While there are five reels in play, you won't find any paylines. Instead, you'll get 243 ways to win in each spin.

Coin values in play

The coins used here vary in size, so you can play each spin from just 30 cents up to $150 a time.

Eternal Love special symbols

The logo for this slot is a grouped wild on the second and fourth reels, but it doesn't appear anywhere else. Whenever it forms part of a win, a random multiplier is awarded as well. This will be worth up to 3x the usual prize value.

The wild replaces most things, but the scattered coin is not one of them. This has an important role to play, as you'll see shortly.

Are there bonus elements to try and find?

You need at least three scattered coins to win 10 free games. These come with a Life Force meter linked to a prize that will be won once you have finished your free spins. You're guaranteed to win 3x your triggering bet, but you could win far more, reaching as high as 100x your bet.

You must win enough prizes in the free spins feature to allow the Life Force prize to pay out. If this doesn't occur, the Extended Life bonus feature will begin. This means you win more free spins, and there is a chance to win up to 1,000x your triggering bet here instead.

This is one occasion when it may pay not to win a prize from that Life Force meter in the first place!

Download and enjoy a game of the Eternal Love slot today!

Vampire-themed slots are hardly unusual, but the intriguing twist given to the free spins in this one is the key to its success. Try it today and brave the vampires that live forever. Will they help you achieve some notable prizes if you get as far as the free spins feature? Maybe they'll be useful to you.