Jackpot Pinatas Slots

This game is designed to catch your eye, but will it deliver a fine pokie experience you’ll remember? Jackpot Pinatas suggests a jackpot game with a celebratory feel, and that’s what you get when the game loads ready for you to check out.

We’ve been there first, of course, as you might suppose… and we’ve explored every corner of the title. Older pokies are often forgotten in the rush to play the newest ones. However, as you’ll see here, you can begin to understand why the older slots are still worth exploring.

Developer information if you’re curious

This one was created by RTG. If you’ve played some other games of theirs from years back, you’ll recognize the format they’ve used here.

They do give you a demo too

This is what we tried, and it works fine. You’ll be able to check out the appearance, features, and plenty more besides. You won’t get any real prizes, of course, but it’s still good to try.

A Mexican celebratory theme

There are pinatas, sure, but you can also see Mexican hats, gifts, maracas, and other elements of a real good celebration! Colorful for sure, thanks to the string of lights near the top of the screen.

The design provides plenty of great imagery to appreciate

The design of a pokie should work in harmony with the game’s theme, and that certainly is true of this game. The sandy shade of some of the background melts into a sunset above the reels.

There’s nothing too colorful or striking about the game, but there are some cool icons on the reels. Fireworks, gifts, rings, and plenty more can be seen there when you’re ready to play.

Let’s get started with the basics of this pokie

Finding out that there are five reels here isn’t going to be a surprise. There is a progressive jackpot involved, and the current total could come as a surprise depending on when you read this. When we checked it out, it stood at just shy of $299k. Five bulls on a paid line are needed to make that drop.

There is a wild pinata shaped like a donkey, giving you a chance to use it to help you form winning lines. It doesn’t replace the jackpot symbol or the scatter though. The scatter is shown as a dog.

A familiar quantity of paylines

There are 20 in this game. RTG tends to like developing slots based on that quantity.

How many options are there in terms of coins?

Just one – you need to play a quarter per line to play the game. That totals $5 per spin, which may well put it out of range of many players.

The paytable gives you all the info you need about the game

This should be your first stop. No matter how good the game looks, don’t play the pokie until you’ve read through the paytable and checked out the icons you’ll want to look for.

Get ready to play the Pinata Bonus

Three scattered dogs unlock this feature. Pinatas are made to be hit and broken open, and that’s the idea here. You can smash open two of the ones presented to you in this round. Each one contains a prize, so the two you find are granted to you when the round is over.

What about some free spins?

There are none available to claim in this slot game, unfortunately.

RTG means no RTP

Lots of letters there, but the idea is this – Realtime Gaming doesn’t tend to make the return to player values public for its games. Many people try to figure them out, rating them at around 95% or slightly more. However, it’s good to have a rough idea to go on.

Our rating for this pokie

A pinata pokie… what a great prospect. You’d expect a bonus that involved hitting pinatas, so this game does rank highly for that alone.

If it had free games too, we’d have ranked it as an eight out of 10 game. However, we’re knocking off a point because there are no freebies here.

Winners are going to try for that progressive prize

You can see why the progressive jackpot does climb in value. It tends to do so faster because the spin bet is five dollars a time. However, you need to be sure that is not going to blow your budget. This is a game for the higher rollers among us, for sure.

Try the demo for Jackpot Pinatas today

This gives you a feel for what to expect. For many players who don’t want to wager five dollars a time, this is as far as they’ll go. It’s still an enjoyable pokie to pass the time with though.

Play for real at casinos offering older RTG games

And there are plenty of those, for sure. Watch out for a good welcome deal if you’re going to sign up to one to play.

Mobile opportunities to snag a jackpot

Many RTG games are mobile friendly, so you may well spot this one among the available titles in a good mobile casino too. It doesn’t matter whether you love Android or iOS, you can always get the most out of your time playing the Jackpot Pinatas pokie for entertainment or for real if you wish.