Jazz Time Slots

Is jazz your thing? Even if you prefer other forms of music, you're going to be caught up in the thrill of playing this Jazz Time pokie game. It's hard not to like this one, mostly because it offers more than you'd suspect at first glance.

We've checked it out and decided this is a bonzer game, so find out why we thought that and see what you think too.

Three letters reveal the developer

That might lead you to think of RTG, and if it did, you're correct, as they did create this game.

Don't worry - there's a demo to check out first

If you're a little unsure about this pokie, you can always play the practice version first. We usually do when we find one that we've never seen before. We can also confirm the game has some awesome features to find once you get started.

Does it have a jazz theme?

The title was a giveaway, right? It's choc a bloc with great jazzy icons, as you'll soon see. Music fans are going to have a great time spotting the instruments in action here.

The design isn't a modern one

The shiny instruments are easy to see, but the game itself doesn't have an inspired design. Don't let that put you off playing this one though. It's got plenty to keep you entertained once you get started.

Reels, special icons, and more in Jazz Time pokies

There are five reels here, just as you probably thought there would be. There's no wild though, so that might come as a disappointment. You might know a piano often features in jazz music, so you can look out for that to appear. This is a scatter, showing up on the three odd reels of this pokie.

How many paylines does this pokie have?

Several of the earlier RTG pokie games restrict the lines to just nine. That's the case with this game too.

Place those wagers…

There is a good range of bets to choose from if you decide to play either the demo or the real thing. It does qualify to be called a penny pokie for starters, but from that lower value, you can choose from other coins that go to a maximum of five dollars apiece.

The paytable explains how everything works

Are you new to pokies or just new to this one? Either way, checking out the paytable is a good starting point if you've never seen the Jazz Time pokie before.

Time to jam in the bonus round

The piano can land on up to three reels in each spin. You'll need it to do just that in a spin to trigger the bonus - a jam session. Just what jazz musicians are known for, right?

Four instruments are displayed, and the idea is to pick the two you think would make for the best jam session. The outcome of that session determines how many coins you'll receive for your efforts.

You've also got something known as the Big Money Scatter bonus. One spin must produce a drumstick, a high hat, and a snare drum appearing across the middle reels of the game. When this occurs, a credit prize is granted. There's no way to tell how big it could be until it happens…

Are there any free spins available to try and trigger?

No, unfortunately no freebies are granted in this pokie.

The RTP is not known

If you've played plenty of pokies from this developer, you won't be surprised at that news. There might be estimated RTPs for their games, but they never release the actual figure, and that's the case here too.

Our rating for Jazz Time

If you like a musical pokie to check out, this could be one you haven't tried before. It's a good one, with a neat musical theme that makes the most of the bonus features, but not as good on the free spin element, obviously. It still gets 7/10 though.

Plenty of ways to become a winner

It's always cool to see a slot game that delivers more than one bonus feature. it makes up for the lack of free games, for sure. If you want a bonzer prize, aim for the best combos shown on the paytable. Even if you don't get those, you could end up with some other prizes that would be worth having, right?

Play for entertainment with some Jazz Time today

Music fans surely are going to enjoy a slice of this action. It's still best to start with the practice game though, so you know how it might pan out if you tried the real thing. Remember that even if you net some good prizes via demo credits, it doesn't mean the same would apply if you played the real version.

The real game should be easy to switch to

If you've found the demo at an RTG casino, there should be an option to switch to real play without delay. Make sure your budget can stand to play the game before you start.

Mobile RTG casinos are available too

That means you might spot Jazz Time as an option to try on a smartphone or tablet running on Android or iOS software.