King of Swing Slots

When we first saw that title, we thought this pokie would be all about music. Swing is a great musical style, but it’s not the focus of this game. Instead, we’re looking at a sporting theme focusing on baseball.

If that surprised you, will it be the start of a series of surprises the King of Swing is ready to shock you with? Our review is going to dip into every topic that concerns this game, so get ready to see what’s in store.

You’ll know the name of this developer

You may know the RTG initials stand for Realtime Gaming, which is the outfit behind this game.

That means a demo is guaranteed

If you can think of a pokie from RTG that doesn’t have a demo available, you’re doing way better than us!

A cool baseball theme with all the trimmings

The game is ready to begin, the crowds are in place, the action is about to start. The background sets the mood for this game, and all the trappings of baseball are included on the reels.

The pokie boasts a great design

This includes lots of symbols based on the players and those in the crowds. Expect to see helmets and hotdogs, drinks, and trophies, and plenty more besides. All in glorious color too, so this pokie looks the part.

Starting to play the King of Swing pokie

When you’re ready to begin, you can view a 5 x 3 format over five reels. Above those reels, a random jackpot amount is shown. RTG are famous for these jackpots.

The game offers two wilds, so it is important to know the difference. The first is the pitcher, and he shows up on reels one, two, three, and four. The fifth reel is reserved for the other wild, which is the batter.

There is also a cute scatter symbol, shown as a worried-looking baseball. We guess it has every right to look concerned given its role in the game!

You can play over 25 lines

These are adjustable but missing out on one or more of them means missing out on prizes that could land on them too.

Is this a penny pokie?

It is, although there are lots of other coins available as well. Try anything going up to five dollars here.

See what all the symbols look like by reading the paytable

Everything you might encounter during play is shown on that table.

Is there a bonus on another screen?

Kind of… but the feature acts as a precursor to the free games you might get from it. You need to find the batter wild and the pitcher wild on the same spin to reveal the feature.

You’ll then receive an opportunity to play some baseball. Nine pitches are available at most, but the usual rule is there too – three strikes and that’s it, the feature is finished.

How many free spins could be won?

The better you do at the baseball game, the better the outcome. All the free games you receive are going to have double-value prizes available though, which is great to know.

Is the RTP available?

We’ve seen few RTG pokie games with this information included. They never appear to issue it, although we can guess at around the 95% mark. The actual RTP could be different to this though, so it should only be used as a guide.

Does the game receive a good rating from us?

We’re going to give this seven out of 10. We like the fact we get two wild icons, and the combination of those to unlock the free games is a good one. Being able to try some baseball is cool too.

Winners are likely to collect smaller prizes

We’d all love to get the progressive jackpot, of course, or even the highest fixed prize on the paytable. However, the chances of collecting smaller prizes are higher, and the game is entertaining whatever happens.

The demo gives you a chance to see what you think

Don’t dip into your budget until you know what you think about this pokie game. It may not be for you. We’re not huge fans of baseball but we liked this one, so you never can tell what the outcome might be. The demo means you can try it before you choose any real bets.

Play for real from a penny on each line

It is always a good idea to use the cheapest coin and be able to cover all the available lines if you’re going to play this or any other pokie. Doing so with this game means you can play from just a quarter if you play for real.

Is the mobile version of King of Swing different to the standard one?

No, not other than the change of controls. If playing on a smartphone or tablet, you’ll see touchscreen controls to play rather than needing to click on anything. Other than that, it’s all good and simple to play the King of Swing pokie game.